Život k sežrání / Living Large

An animated feature film based on a book “La Vie en gros” by Mikaël Ollivier. Ben – tells a story about a 12 years old boy who is overweight and decides to start dieting. The film is about love, food and friendship.

directorKristína Dufková
screenplayPetr Jarchovský
story byMikael Ollivier
coproduced byNovinski s.r.o.
supported byMEDIA Programme Czech Film Fund
formatdigital – stop motion
Project with a working title “Living Large” is based on a book, titled “La Vie en gros” (2001) by French author Mikaël Ollivier. Main character of the story is a 12 years old boy Benjamin Pipet, with highly developed culinary skills. Benjamin faces the toughest year of his life yet.. So far it has been overlooked that Ben is overweight, but everything changes on the first day in September, when he meets again with his classmates Clare, who become the most beautiful girl in class over the summer break. Everyone is into her, but Ben adores her and that is why he decides to lose that extra weight. Suddenly, his weight is the issue number one - for everybody! Everybody cares about his weight, mostly his PE teacher Moron, who makes him his primary target. His divorced parents join forces in looking for a suitable cure for their son. Ben gathers all his strength and confessed to Clare about his feelings. The following refusal makes him depressed. His world collapses. Outbursts of anger are followed by periods of silent apathy. In a surprising twist his dads new partner Sophie helps Ben come to terms with Clares rejection. Love cannot be forced – he has to be patient and let it grow out of their friendship. Through realising his own mistakes, Ben discovers within himself the will to start fighting again. He apologizes to Clare, who plays tough at first to hide her own insecurity, but after Bens amends they become friends again. Ben has taken his first step towards adulthood.