Senioři / The Seniors

Animated series / Length: 22 minutes / Number of episodes: 13+ / Technique: 2D animation

supported byCzech Film Fund
directorEkaterina Bessonová
producersRozálie Brožková, Zdeněk Holý
co-produced byMAUR film, Soundsquare, FAMU
participated inCartoon Forum 2021
Near future: the planet is overpopulated and most people are prohibited from having children. They are instead encouraged to adopt a senior. Old people are sent to shelters where they get retrained for further adoption. The most common ad reads: “Looking for a new friend? Have cats and dogs already bored you to death? Does your application for a baby keep getting denied? We have a solution for you - the seniors! They can tell you stories of the past! Help you out with house chores! Come and get your new best friend today!” The main character is Rosie, a 70-year-old newcomer to the shelter. She is tough, adventurous, and ready to find her own place at any cost. She meets an extremely shy former scientist Ellie (75) and an overly self-confident former actress Karen (78). Both have spent way too long in the shelter and in need for changes. And with Rosie they are gonna get them!