Senioři / The Seniors

Animated series / Length: 15 minutes / Number of episodes: 13 / Technique: 2D animation

supported byCzech Film Fund
directorEkaterina Bessonová
executive producerRozálie Brožková
producerZdeněk Holý
In the near future: the planet is overpopulated and most people are prohibited from having children. They are instead encouraged to adopt a grandpa or grandma. Older people are sent to shelters where they wait until someone comes to adopt them. The most common ad reads: “Don’t have enough money to have children of your own? Bored with cats and dogs? The solution is here - the elderly! They will entertain you with tales from the old times! They can help out with housework. Come choose your new best friend today!” The seniors in the shelter attend workshops on behavior and how to avoid grumpiness, do fitness exercises to stay in good shape to keep with the activities of their new families, and listen to lectures on what is currently trending online. The atmosphere in the shelter is very similar to that of an orphanage. The residents boast about their own children while waiting to be taken home again (something which never happens), fall in love with each other, skip their lessons, and smuggle in prohibited booze and cigarettes. The main character is a 70-year-old newcomer to the shelter.  She is tough, adventurous, and ready to find her own place at any cost. She meets an extremely shy former scientist (75) and an overly self-confident former actress (78). Both have spent too long in the shelter without any interest from the outside in adopting them. At first, they do not fit together but finally are united in a common plan to change their destiny...