Opouštět Počátky / Leaving beginnings behind

Leave the orphanage. Forgive the parents. Never let it happen again.


IDFF Jihlava 2021 Student Jury Award


IDFF Jihlava 2021, Official Selection

Human Rights Film Festival Berlin

Kino na hranici / Kino na Granicy

Festival Internacional de Cine por los Derechos Humanos -  Colombia

director and screenplayLinda Kallistová Jablonská
DOPDavid Cysař
soundPetr Šoltys
editorJakub Hejna
coproduced byCzech television Brno
supported byCzech Film Fund
In her most recent film, Linda Kallistová Jablonská observes three girls growing up in a residential facility in Počátky, Czech Republic, over the course of ten years. She explores their dreams about liberty, the reality they must face as well as their ideas about their own future families. The title of the film film is rather symbolic as Počátky in the Czech translation is the name of the youth detention home and it literally means "beginnings". The sequel to her first longitudinal documentary about Adéla, Denisa and Pavla captures the rocky road to independence after leaving the facility Počátky / Beginnings, their reconciliation with the past, job search, new relationships, small joys and big disappointments. Not only does the director draw an empathic portrait of three young girls with no-one to rely on but themselves; she also explores the ways in which public institutions form young people’s attitudes to life.