Danielův svět / Daniel’s World

A documentary about forbidden love and a person who is just one kiss away from the wrath of society.


IDFF Jihlava 2014 - Audience Award

Budapest International Documentary Festival 2015 - Special Mention

The Finále Plzeň 2015 - Students Jury Award


Berlinale 2015 – Panorama

IFF Karlovy Vary 2015

Open City 2015

DOX Zagreb 2015

DOCS against GRAVITY 2015

DOCS Barcelona 2016

One World 2015

IFF Bergen 2015

Randevous with Madness 2015

Fantastic Fest 2015

Brave Festival 2016

Niesse Filmfestival 2015

Kino na Granicy 2015

Festival do Rio 2015

MIX Mexico 2015

MIX Brasil 2015

Asterisco 2015

MIX Copenhagen 2015

QueerFilmFestival Esslingen 2015

Letní filmová škola 2015

Mezipatra 2014

directorVeronika Lišková
screenplayVeronika Lišková
DOPBraňo Pažitka
editorHedvika Hansalová
coproduced byCzech television – Martina Šantavá
supported byCzech Film Fund
Daniel is a young man. Daniel is a student and a writer. Daniel is also a paedophile. He is in love and keeps no secret about his sexual orientation; not even from the parents of his beloved boy. Daniel has never hurt any child. Neither have Jirka Fx100d, Tomáš Efix, Petr Kasz, MR_Xguard, Host, Simigran, Silesia, Elrond or others from the community of Czech pedophiles. What is the way of the most intimate of feelings in Daniel ́s and his friends ́ heart? The film introduces the rises and falls of people living with pedophilia. It portrays Daniel and the community of Czech pedophiles. It narrates a story of a forbidden love and constant struggle to come to terms with oneself and the society.